fathers day gift ideas with leather wallet bose speaker & yeti cooler

10 Best Father's Day Gifts He'll Absolutely Love

That time of year is approaching when you're sitting there and thinking, what in the world does my Dad want for Father's Day? We got the perfect Father's Day ideas for you!
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That time of year is approaching when you're sitting there and thinking, what in the world does my Dad want for Father's Day? The easy answer is more tools for the garage right? Or Golf balls cause he loses a ton of them. Why not a case of beer? Oh yeah, we've done that for the past 5 years maybe it is time to switch things up. We will be diving into the best gift ideas for Father's Day in 2022.

A Classy Watch

What is your Dad rocking on his wrist these days? A watch where the leather band is barely surviving or the face is completely scratched. Has it been a while since your dad's last new watch? The time is now, with all the watches on the market today from classic to smartwatches there is a watch for anyone. If he is old school, go with the classic face with a leather band but remember to have the date on the watch so he never forgets your birthday! If you are struggling to choose a watch for him, check out the top 25 watches in 2022.

rolex watch for fathers day gift

Watch Case For Traveling

Does your Dad love watches and travelling is a passion for him? Or maybe he travels for work a lot? Then this is the absolute best gift for him. Not only is a travel watch roll easy to use and travel with, but it will also protect his watches from getting damaged. It allows you to bring multiple watches for all the different dinners and events they will be attending too.

If he doesn't have a place to showcase all his timepieces, maybe it's time to get him a watch case so he can put all his watches on display. Those watches are meant to be on display and for people to see and avoid collecting dust and a watch case helps both of these scenarios.

the mocha genuine leather watch travel roll with omega watch

Father's Day Shoes

Okay, the great debate, Men's shoes but more particular Dad's shoes. Now we all know the go-to shoe for Dad are the classic New Balance sneakers that after two cuts of the lawn turn green. These might be the best shoe for those Sundays working around the house but not on a Saturday night downtown. I would suggest consulting a few people on this one but here are some easy and great shoe ideas.

dad shoes new balance

Cigars or Cigar Accessories

Does he enjoy a nice roasted cigar? A cigar cutter is a simple compliment and you could even get it embroidered with a message. Make it mean a little more than just another cigar cutter.

Additionally, if he does enjoy cigars, there are several other options associated with them. This could include getting some of his favourite cigars, a cigar box, a classy ashtray, a cigar travel case, or a humidor. There are several options that you can choose if he enjoys cigars!

cigars in ashtray with cigar cutter perfect for fathers day gift.

Best Dad Ever Mug

If your father is an avid coffee drinker or enjoys a nice cup of tea, you could get him a "World's Best Dad" mug. This is an original gift and is always well received. Some companies also create custom mugs so you can put your favourite pictures on the mug and enjoy a laugh.

custom best dad ever mug for fathers day

Yeti While He's On The Go

Is your Father someone who loves to keep that cup of joe hot during their mornings? Or maybe he is an avid camper, either way, any line of products from Yeti will be a hit! They have mugs, coolers, bags, bowls, and much more!

green camo color yeti cooler camping for fathers day gift

Bose Speaker

Whether he's out doing yard work, grilling in the back, or just entertaining, a Bose speaker will help keep him entertained while listening to his favourite tracks. Go for high-quality on this one and allow it to pair with their smartphone (they do have a smartphone right?).

bose speaker gift for fathers day

A Sleek New Wallet

The majority of fathers are walking around with a money clip and cards or an old wallet that's at least 10 years old and half falling apart. Not to mention, it's the size of a brick and has been a pain in the arse for years (no pun intended). A new wallet is a simple and easy gift that is sure to please him. You can even make it easy for them to switch over their make-shift clip, rubber band, or whatever they use to hold everything together with a minimal wallet money clip.

If your father is more traditional and doesn't like the minimal look, you can always go with a classy bi-fold genuine leather wallet. Either option is sure to help organize all their credit cards and money that they carry around.

custom genuine leather wallet

Monthly Subscription

The world of monthly subscriptions has climbed lately and what better way to keep on giving than even after Father's Day? There are so many out there so you will need to think through what he likes most but here are a few ideas. Coffee drinkers can order random coffee every month to try new ones and see what they like. If you're a fan of Whisky or Bourbon there are subscriptions for those too. If your Dad is a suit and tie guy then some subscriptions give new ties, cufflinks, and dress socks to keep his fashion fresh.

coffee cup with coffee beans around

Golf Ideas for Dad

Okay folks you can never go wrong with swinging to your local Golf shop and picking up the usual items. Golf balls, tees, maybe a nice new towel to clean those clubs. However, there are some great ideas and gifts that 'might' help his Golf game, and trust me that is the best gift of all time. Many rangefinders are now lower in cost and will help him dial in those distances while on the course, here are a few. Lastly, getting him a club fitting session at your local Golf shop is a great way for him to find better clubs and hit the ball farther and straighter. Now, who doesn't want to do that?

golf ball being putted for fathers day gift

Sometimes it may be tough to find a gift for someone that never wants anything. He is always there to provide for us but does not want anything in return. These are some simple gifts that the hard-working father in your life will be sure to love for a Father's Day gift. If you are still browsing, you can check out our collection of accessories that would be perfect for a Father's Day gift as well!

10 Best Father's Day Gifts He'll Absolutely Love