8 Popular Different Types Of Wallets For Men with man putting leather wallet in pocket

8 Popular Different Types Of Wallets For Men

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When it comes to choosing your wallet, you want to make sure that you make the right choice as you'll be bringing this with you everywhere you go. As there are several different types of wallets to choose from and you'll be carrying it with you everywhere, you want to evaluate all options to fully understand the benefits and what's going to serve you best.

Classic Bi-Fold

You can never go wrong with your classic bi-fold wallet. It has been the industry standard for quite some time now and does exactly what you expect it to do - hold your money and cards. This wallet is a lasting and durable option that will keep you through the years.

The one issue that tends to arise with this style of wallet is it can get over packed and you end up carrying around a brick. No one likes carrying around a brick in their back pocket and this is where a lot of the newer minimal styles are coming to fruition.

bi-fold crazy horse leather wallet style for men


The tri-fold wallet is extremely similar to your bi-fold wallet, however, it has one more flap and tends to be a little more on the bulky side. About carrying around bricks in your back pocket, without putting your cards and money in this wallet, it is nearly bigger than standard wallets when they have cards and money in them.

Tri-fold Wallet

The main benefit of a trifold wallet is the attempt to take up less space. Where it takes up less space surface area-wise, it tends to increase size in height, making it appear bulgier while carrying. If you love cards and stacking receipts then this wallet can be a solid choice.

Minimal Money Clip

As of recently, there has been a growing trend in the want and need for minimalism. You hear people throwing this buzzword around because it's what's trending. However, this minimal money clip wallet is nearly as minimal as a wallet can be. 

Only carry your essentials with this wallet. It's a fraction bigger than a credit card as that's all you'll be carrying around with you - unless you add some money in the money clip. The only way this wallet gets more minimal is without the clip. It'll be just like you're carrying around your essential cards and that's it.

Walnut Wood Minimal wooden wallet with money clip style for men

Apple AirTag Wallet

Newly hitting the market is the emergence of the Apple AirTag Wallets. There are quite a few different variations with the latest emergence of the Apple AirTag. You have a classic minimal wallet that just carries cards but may have a compartment for cash but a new and more versatile style to come to market has a card compartment and folds open to store more cards and cash.

apple air tag genuine leather wallet style for men

Cell Phone Wallet

What's one piece that you carry with you just about anywhere you go and you feel naked when you leave your home without it? That's right, your cell phone. It only makes sense to attach your wallet to your phone so you have all you need always in your possession.

The only downfall to this is that you may be limited to the number of cards you can carry, but if you only need to bring the essentials, it's one less item you need to think about grabbing or forgetting. 

Money Clip

If you're all about minimalism and the minimal wallet isn't what you're looking for, it doesn't get much more minimal than a simple money clip - unless you use an elastic band. The money clip wallet is good if you're just anticipating carrying money around, as it may not be the most secure if you stick your cards in there as well.

Pop Up Wallet

Similar to the Apple AirTag wallet referenced, the push/pull trigger allows you to get your cards and has become a popular choice. The convenience of having a pop-up wallet for your cards eliminates the hassle of opening a wallet and trying to find and pull out cards in little pockets, then having to maneuver them back in.

Not only does this wallet get the job done, it has a secondary use if you like fidgeting. Popping the cards up and down acts as a fun accessory for a wallet.

apple air tag genuine leather pop up card wallet style for men

Checkbook Wallet (Also known as Breast Pocket Wallet)

This is typically an older style, sometimes referenced in the higher-end market where business professionals may take it out of their suit pocket. This may be more for the style as well, where it is part of your outfit. This wallet is longer than others and does not fold, the wallet just has flaps to open up, sometimes enclosed with a zipper.

Whatever style of wallet you prefer, you want to make sure that it's perfect for you as you'll be carrying it with you everyday. We have an assortment of wallets that you can choose from to ensure your money is safe, while you look fresh.

8 Popular Different Types Of Wallets For Men with man putting wallet in coat pocket