8 Unique Ways to Use Your Apple AirTag with picture of colourful airtag

8 Unique Ways to Use Your Apple AirTag

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You misplace things left, right, and centre so you decided to get yourself an Apple AirTag. Now all your problems are solved. Most people don't realize that the AirTag can be used in many different ways on various items you love and don't want to be losing. Check out our best uses for the Apple AirTag.

Apple AirTag Keychains

Keep Track Of your Luggage

When you're travelling and might have connecting flights, losing luggage can be a pain in the a**. People have started to tape an AirTag to their suitcase or buy a luggage tag so they at a minimum know exactly where their luggage is at all times. Being an avid Golfer who loves his clubs, this can also be a great solution to tape into your travel Golf bag. You don't have to tape your AirTag to the suitcase, you could either stick it in the bag or some keychains allow you to protect and attach it to any items you wish.

Luggage in Air Terminal

Put One in Your Wallet

One of the biggest nightmares is when you leave a place or restaurant, get home and realize you don't have your wallet and can't find it anywhere. Putting an AirTag in your wallet will allow you to locate exactly where you last had it so you don't have to start cancelling your credit cards. There are high-quality wallets on the market that have a specific slot to put an AirTag in it which helps with the style and functionality of the wallet itself.

Apple AirTag Wallet by Nuebo

Attach it to Your Keychain

If you're someone who constantly loses your keys or misplaces them and the anxiety kicks in when you're already late for work searching and tearing up your house to find them, then attaching an AirTag to your keychain is a game changer. The AirTag has many options for keychains that will still suit your style. Apple AirTag Keychain

Place it on Your Bike, Scooter, or Skateboard

Many people are investing in their bikes and scooters with the recent surge in gas prices. Different modes of transportation aren't cheap and you'd hate to have your bike or scooter stolen. Adding an AirTag will prevent this from happening and keep you riding the slopes.


Never Lose your Pet Again

They have AirTag attachments for the puppies and kitties of our lives. You might have that Dog who loves to run off randomly or that wandering cat who is protecting the neighbourhood. You can attach an AirTag to their collar and be set without any irritation to the whereabouts of your pup or kitty. Dog with disguise

Trackers for People

Now I know what you're thinking - really? People? But yes this can be a great purchase if you have little ones or very elder parents who might suffer from Dementia or other illnesses. No need to tie a balloon to their hand anymore, you can easily check your phone and know where they are at all times.

Forgot Where you Park? Say No More!

You can always store an AirTag in your glove compartment so when your travelling in new places and tend to forget where you last parked, the AirTag will have you covered.

Man Looking at a car in a Parking Garage

Have an Intense Scavenger Hunt

You can always leverage the AirTag for a fun scavenger hunt with your friends or loved ones. Place them throughout your backyard or house and let the fun begin. The neat thing is you can also have an encrypted message on the AirTag when someone scans it to have them solve a puzzle.

Treasure Map

New technology advances have both helped us out in life and at the same time hurt us. Apple AirTags are one of the newest additions to technology being released to help us live a little less stressful lives. There are many possibilities that you can utilize AirTags, the choices are up to you for what you want to use them for.

8 Unique Ways to Use Your Apple AirTag