Most Affordable & Trusted Watch Brands For Men

Most Affordable & Trusted Watch Brands For Men

We get it - watches can be expensive. However, not all watches are and there are excellent options out there for their price point. Several watch brands craft quality watches that stand the test of time and look classy.

A nice timepiece on your wrist will elevate your outfit giving you more confidence throughout your day. We've compiled a list of watch brands that you can trust for quality make and design, but also won't put a huge dent in your wallet. These watch brands are also in no particular order.

Shinola Detroit

As you can guess from the name, Shinola Detroit is a luxury watch maker based out of Detroit. They have been manufacturing their timepieces in Detroit and were the first watch factory to be opened in America in over 50 years. Shinola is dedicated to creating long-lasting watches that inspire people to live well and be confident in their style, we celebrate timeless design and thoughtful craftsmanship.

If you love to support American-made and are looking for a classy new timepiece, Shinola Detroit is the perfect option for you.

shinola detroit watch on stand with plant


Citizen was started by Japanese and Swiss investors back in the early 1900s. The company is based out of Tokyo, Japan, crafting watches for every citizen, designed for every moment. Citizen has a wide range of watch options to appease all watch lovers. Their more popular style of watch, eco-drive, is powered and charged by sunlight. You'll never need to worry about replacing these batteries.

Citizen has been a trusted name and brand leader in the watch industry for over 100 years and is known around the world for its unwavering values: technical precision, an innovative mindset, quality craftsmanship, and design excellence.

grey and silver citizen eco drive affordable watch


If you like history, Timex is the company to get behind. Timex combined European clockmaking and American ingenuity in 1854 to bring clocks from the mantels of the 1% to the rest of the world. They were extremely influential in the watch making and manufacturing world and would recommend discovering more on that.

For generations, they've set higher standards for themselves by using sustainable materials and processes, and creating watches that can be worn and loved for years due to their timeless design and legendary quality. 

silver and black round analog timex watch


Braun sets out to create desirable, innovative products with an eye toward the future, while the design principles they employ to achieve consistency, simplicity, and clarity are firmly rooted in the brand's distinct design legacy.

Design has become a pillar of the Braun brand over the last six decades. Quality, functionality, clarity, longevity, and timelessness have all been incorporated into an everlasting design philosophy.

Braun timepieces are among the best examples of these enduring design principles. These watches were designed as collections of captivating simplicity, where less is so much more.

affordable and reliable braun watch


Seiko's story began in 1881, when a 22-year-old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori opened a shop in central Tokyo selling and repairing watches and clocks. Seiko is one of the few completely integrated watchmakers. Using cutting-edge technology, they design and develop their own movements.

seiko round case with black watch band


Tissot is a Swiss company that has been crafting watches for over 150 years. Tissot was founded by a father and son duo in Switzerland. You'll get a fairly wide range of prices when shopping for a new Tissot timepiece, but you know that you are buying a quality watch that will last.

tissot 1853 watch with leather watch band


Hamilton creates distinctive, versatile watches for aficionados and style conscious individuals alike by combining Swiss precision and American spirit. Hamilton has a long history and has accomplished many milestones, all of which have contributed to Hamilton becoming the strong, internationally renowned watch brand that it is today. 

hamilton watch on wrist with brown band

G-Shock by Casio

Oftentimes, several mens watch collection journeys starts with a G-Shock by Casio. There's good reason for this too. When you go with a G-Shock you know that you are getting one of the best quality watches for their price point. They are designed and manufactured by Japanese company Casio, intended to withstand mechanical stress, shock, and vibration.

GShock 24 Studio

GShock 24 Studio is a small company based in Spain that modifies Casio watches, to make them unique and special. Your customization process begins by swapping out the hour markers, dials, and even the cases for sturdier metal ones. Their prices range from €177 for some basic models to €299 for their top-of-the-range models. Their products are special because they are easily recognizable, they stand out from the ordinary.

They take a watch that is already considered a classic and make it even better, turning it into an exclusive piece at an affordable price. The hand-painted dials are simply stunning while maintaining the original essence of the watch.

g shock proction watch with steel casing


If you're looking for a more elegant and minimal look for your watch, Movado is the watch you're looking for. Movado was created nearly 150 years ago in a watch making city in Switzerland. They are now an American watchmaking company creating luxury watches for all watch enthusiasts.

guy in suit with classy movado watch gold

When you purchase your new watch, you'll want to travel with it everywhere. Or if you have multiple timepieces, travelling can be tough. You want to ensure their safety and protection in a quality case. That's why we highly recommend getting a watch travel case. This will allow you to travel with multiple watches, so you don't have to choose only one of your watches to bring with you and ensures their safety.

Additionally, the case's small and compactness allows you easily package in your suitcase, carry-on, or backpack. Its lightweight design and sturdiness make it a desirable choice for all watch enthusiasts.

Most Affordable & Trusted Watch Brands For Men with man looking at movado watch