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How Nuebo Shows Their Support for Movember

Since the beginning, at Nuebo, we want to ensure men feel good no matter what. Giving back to Movember is only a small part of how we do this. Discover how and why this is a big aspect for us.

Approximately 10.8 million globally. Every minute of every day. That is the number of men diagnosed with prostate cancer and the number of suicides men commit, respectively, accounting for 69% of all suicides. These are staggering numbers.

While starting Nuebo, our goal was to make a difference and help men out. At first, this meant with their confidence levels to look good and feel good no matter the situation. Eventually, it led to discussions of donating a portion of all sales to help support a cause that we were passionate about.

A Look Into Nuebo

Throughout our lives, we have had our own demons that we have had to fight and overcome. These were and are tough times.

When you go through some of your hardest times being a male, you're often taught to suppress those feelings and not talk about those situations. In order to be a guy, you have to be strong, not talk about your emotions, and battle through whatever it is that you're fighting.

We had firsthand experience battling our own demons and suppressing our feelings. We know how hard these times can be and we don't want others to go through these times alone. This is how we stumbled upon Movember and chose to partner with them.

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In Comes Movember

Tyler, one of Nuebo's co-founders, had previously taken part and been familiar with their movement. Originally, the extent of Tyler and Riley's knowledge was that during November you grow out your mustache for Movember. We were younger and so was Movember at the time, so we grew out some weak peach fuzz mustaches, however, we didn't fully understand the cause or purpose but knew it was to raise awareness for men's health.

A couple of years later, a friend of Tyler's took part in raising money for Movember as he had dealt with and overcame testicular cancer. He had an impactful story and cause he was fighting for - he could also grow a killer stache. This led Tyler to dig a little more into Movember and discover what they were all about and their movement.

A few years later, Movember started to come full circle with Tyler. His place of employment participated in Movember to help raise awareness and fight the stigma. They would separate into two teams where they would compete against who could grow the best moustache, move the most, and raise the most money.

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What is Movember Though?

Movember is the leading charity in changing the face of men's health. There are three main areas of focus - mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.

They were founded in 2003 with only a small team and have gone from 30 moustaches to over 5 million - their Mo-Bros and Mo-Sisters. During the month of November, they host an annual event to help raise awareness for these health issues for men. This is when people grow out their moustaches, get their mileage in, and they generate most of their donations.

How Do You Participate in Movember?

Movember isn't just a charity to raise money - there are other ways to support them, hence the moustaches. Throughout the month of November, their annual event takes place. This is where Mo-Bros and Mo-Sisters have their choice of participating in growing out their moustache, moving (walking, running, biking), and also donating.

You are able to form a team for Movember or participate individually. On their website, you can find more information about the company, how you can donate, or how you can spread awareness.

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Nuebo's Support With Movember

Throughout the year, we have a strong connection to what they stand for, so we want to do our best to help support them. From all orders that we receive, we donate 1% of our sales towards Movember.

On top of that, throughout the month of November, we want to do our best to raise awareness and support a great cause. This has led us to come up with growing our moustaches, running, and donating 100% of our profits from any sales in November.

Although we may not be able to grow the best moustaches, we still want to participate and help raise awareness. Additionally, running at least 2 miles a day (60 miles total) for the 60 men that we lose to suicide every hour across the world.

You can follow us on TikTok where throughout the month of November we will be sharing our journey with Movember. Also, if you are interested or know of anyone that needs a new walletwatch case, or is interested in our products, if you buy during November you'll help us in supporting a great cause!

How Nuebo Shows Their Support for Movember