The Best Watch Travel Case or Roll for Your Timepieces

The Best Watch Travel Case or Roll for Your Timepieces

Your watch is a big aspect of your fit. Travel safely and protect your watches while you travel with some of the best travel watch cases, rolls, and pouches.
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There's no denying it - travelling is filled with excitement and joy. Being able to travel somewhere new and explore other cultures and environments. However, when you travel, you need to pack and plan several different outfits and accessories to go along with them. You don't want to be limited in your choices - especially with your timepiece. The ability to travel with multiple watches that you're able to pair with your favourite fits is a must.

This is where a travel watch case or roll comes into play. The ideal option for protecting your timepieces, while allowing you to bring all your favourite watches on your travels. If you're about to travel, love travelling, or just travel on occasion, these are some of the best watch cases and rolls for your travels.

The Nuebo Travel Watch Case

An elegant, yet luxurious option is the Nuebo Travel Watch Case. Made out of genuine leather, the exterior has a smooth finish, and the interior is made from suede.

It has three slots so you can safely carry three watches, plus an additional one that you'll be wearing. The slots are designed for extremely easy access, where you don't need to struggle with buttons, you're able to slide your watches out or put them back in effortlessly.

The pillows are built snug in the watch case to avoid any movement while travelling and far enough away from the sides so there won't be any rubbing. The cases size is not that large (24cm long), which allows you to easily bring it in your carry-on bag, backpack, or luggage while travelling.

genuine leather travel watch case with omega and other classy watches the mocha

Leather Travel Watch Case in Black

Hodinkee's Leather Travel Watch Case is for any watch enthusiast! Their leather travel tubes are the ideal travelling companion. These watch straps and rolls are handmade in Tuscany, Italy, just like some of their other straps and rolls. Three to four timepieces are fastened to the soft tube-shaped cushion inside the tubular casing, which is suede lined. By fastening the steel or brass buckle, the casing is further fastened. The travel tubes come in grey, brown, and black colours.

hodinkee Leather Travel Tube in Black with strap

Single Watch Travel Pouch

The Lucrin single watch holder is ideal for storing your watch or carrying it with you while travelling. There is no shortage of choices to choose the exact style that fits you and your preference. Options range from smooth leather to granulated leather, all the way to vegetable-tanned leather with nearly any colour you can imagine.

It has a microfiber protective separator that goes between the buckle and the back of your watch, which is especially useful when you're on the go. This leather watch travel case is elegant and refined, and it is completely customizable, to which you can add a sublime engraving, for example. A hidden snap button closes the flap.

If you only have one other timepiece that you would like to bring on your travels, this is the ideal option for you.

lucrin granulated leather watch case one pouch

Double Watch Case With Jewelry Pouch

A rather unique travel watch roll, The Palermo is charming and sophisticated, taking cues from its namesake city on the side of a mountain overlooking the sea. This luxurious leather watch and jewellery roll is ideal for storing your favourite timepieces.

There is an exterior strap that keeps the travel watch roll securely closed, but may be a little bulky or obstructive to some people's liking. This watch case allows you to store up to two timepieces with the option of safely carrying any jewellery you may want to bring with you. This is a neat little addition in comparison to our other travel watch cases.


Unique Watch Travel Roll

A unique design, the Watch Roll Leather Case is designed for everyday use. Its functional minimalist design makes it ideal for travel or home storage. Depending on your needs, you can choose between 3-6 watch compartments. It has a zipper pocket for small tools and an interior that can be linen or suede.

It's handcrafted in their workshop by skilled artisans, it is a one-of-a-kind piece with exceptional attention to detail and premium materials. This could be the perfect option as a gift as they offer custom engraving. Whether you only have a couple of watches or a whole bunch that you may want to travel with, this unique watch travel case has you covered.

capra WATCH ROLL · DARK BROWN with watches in case

Shinola Double Watch Carrying Case

A travel item with a distinct sense of place. This watch travel case features a classic and versatile design that will complement your personal style. Made of Navigator leather, allows you to pack your favourite timepieces with ease and peace of mind.

For long-lasting quality and functionality, this watch travel case is handcrafted by skilled artisans. The timepieces are secured inside the watch case by a matte black zip-around closure, which opens to reveal a black tech suede-lined interior with two recessed spaces for your watches. Inside the watch case, snap closure tabs keep the timepieces in place. A double-sided partition prevents scratches on the glass. The watch travel case is designed to withstand decades of travel and will protect your luxury watches.

shinola TRAVEL WATCH CASE two slots opened up

If you travel and you're a watch enthusiast, you need a travel watch case to protect your luxury timepieces. A watch accentuates your fit and is the perfect compliment. Travel in style and with the piece of mind knowing that all your timepieces are secure while travelling.

The Best Watch Travel Case or Roll for Your Watches